Firefly Titanium All-Road Frameset

Valued at $5,200

Online tickets are now closed but you may still buy a ticket at the D2R2 event on Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17.   The raffle drawing will be held at 6pm on August 17th.


"Firefly Bicycles is once again thrilled to donate a custom Titanium All-Road frameset to the D2R2 raffle. D2R2 is an unmatched ride that combines some of the best riding in the country with a great organization, delicious food and drink, and a reunion of friends from all over coming together for the love of bikes and to help preserve the land on which we are so lucky to have the pleasure to ride. It is our honor to partner with this extraordinary event for the ninth year in a row."

— Firefly Bicycles


About The Frame

  • Material: Titanium
  • Tire Clearance: up to 700x50mm or 650x57mm
  • Brake Style: Flat-mount disc
  • Ideal terrain: Everything from freshly paved roads to the roughest gravel you can find to single-track trails and back-country bikepacking

The isolated hills of Romania, remote mountain passes in Peru, 350 miles of the roughest gravel Kansas has to offer, Trans-Europe epics: we are endlessly inspired by the places people ride their Firefly All-Road bikes. Those experiences have pushed us to continually refine every detail, making the bikes more capable, versatile, durable, and beautiful than ever before.

In 2015 we introduced our proprietary Adaptive Butting process, which reduces the weight and improves both strength and ride quality of every full titanium bike we build. In 2017, the increasingly demanding riding of Firefly riders across the globe led us to create our custom 3D-printed chainstay yoke, a tiny but crucial component that helps us build All-Road bikes with industry-leading tire clearance and the shortest possible chainstays, all without any reduction to frame strength or stiffness. Shortly after, we applied that same technology to our custom 3D-printed flat-mount disc dropouts, making our frames stiffer, lighter, and even more precisely aligned than ever before. Those incremental improvements, all inspired by the incredible community of Firefly riders, have continued to this day.

You could call it real world R&D, or experienced-based design. Whatever you call it, it’s what makes our All-Road bikes the best they’ve ever been.

Firefly logoAbout Firefly

Firefly was born because we love our craft.

Our work draws on our decades of experience design, crafting, riding, and racing custom bicycles. Before Firefly, we helped shape some of the most revered small frame builders in the world, and, in the process, we helped to shape national and international cycling and bike culture. When we started Firefly, we had a clear vision of our ideal custom bicycle company, and we have maintained that vision ever since. Our focus is not only on building the best bikes in the world here in Boston, a city steeped in cycling tradition, but fostering a deeper connection between the rider and their bike by welcoming them into the process of designing and building it. Only custom can offer that connection.

We know you’ll appreciate the intelligence, passion, meticulous attention to detail and quality materials that go into every frame we make. We can’t wait to build your dream bike.

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